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    Dru Brown Signs

    I missed this earlier in all the coronavirus hubub: Dru Brown signed with the Winnepeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. Congrats to him; glad he was a Cowboy. Link to article in the DO: Dru Brown signs
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    Viewing OSU Sports

    After getting some advice here I cut the satellite cord, got the stick and use internet. Couldn't be happier - subscribed to Nflix and Hulu, already had Amazon Prime for free shipping (I live out in the country so shop a lot on Amazon from home). By the way, added a tv antenna and also have...
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    Starkel Transfers from A&M

    Starkel Leaves Aggies for Arkansas Former OSU recruit/commit joins a crowded field of QB's at Arkansas. Promising QB that has not worked out.
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    You Think We Lost Some Players....

    I had read that La'Michael Pettway, WR from Arkansas, was considering transferring to OSU among other schools so I went to an Arkansas site to read up about him. I found the article below which details the 27 players that have left the Arkansas football program in the past 13 months, most of...
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    Pistol Pete Articles in the Daily Oklahoman

    I have been a critic of the DOK at times in the past, but I must say the articles about Pistol Pete are good and I have really enjoyed reading through them. Also - I have researched off and on about the loan and subsequent theft of Frank Eaton's possessions after they were put on display in...
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    Looking at HS Football Talent Over Time

    I typed this is response to a question in another forum and another poster suggested I post it here: Sorry this is so long, but some interesting history and statistics might explain what is happening. back in the dark ages (1970's) I took an elective Sociology course at OSU titled something...