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  1. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Shaka Smart to Marquette

    This seems, possibly, like a chance for Boynton to move us above OU and Tech (assuming Beard goes to Austin, which is far from certain) in the pecking order for quite some time.
  2. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Baseball vs Texas Tech

    Leiter just no hit South Carolina.
  3. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Bryce Williams

    Really sounds like it was probably food poisoning. Feel for the kid. Been there done that. No fun.
  4. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball: Pokes vs Warhawks

    Well it took only 15 games for us to finally lose a game we were supposed to win, and people are pulling out the same old tired lines they’ve used for a decade now on this board. Kind of sad.
  5. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*

    I really don’t like the potential Tennessee match up in the 2nd round. If we play like we’ve been we’ll be fine, but they’re the type of team that if we struggle in just one area, like FT shooting, 3 pt D, or turnovers, they’ll capitalize and it’ll be a dog fight.
  6. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball Grab your popcorn and watch the basketball team tonight!
  7. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Basketball: UT defeats OSU in Big 12 Championship Game. Pokes are #4 Seed and will play #13 Seed Liberty on FRIDAY

    I just have to say, this is really bringing back some cherished memories from springs long ago. There may not be a better time of year than this. Cowboy Baseball is getting going, Cardinals spring training baseball is happening, and Cowboy Basketball is rolling in postseason play.
  8. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball

    Which is fine, because I really didn't want to have to juggle between baseball and basketball tonight anyway, lol. Go Pokes!
  9. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball

    If the field drains well, it really is looking more and more like it's a good bet to try to get in a doubleheader Saturday afternoon, and then a decent chance to get the 3rd game in Sunday afternoon too.
  10. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball

    Last I checked, it looks like pretty heavy rain Friday night and Saturday morning. But, this field supposedly drains like no other. So, they may be in a position to be able to play a doubleheader on Saturday and then try somehow to fit another one in Sunday.
  11. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball

    I agree, I thought the same thing. Right now, with the mask mandates, and capacity limitations, it doesn't matter at all what a governor does. The mayors will still keep the mandates.
  12. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Cowboy Baseball

    Where are you seeing this? Is this for Oklahoma? OSU? I haven't heard this news.
  13. Ptak'sNewspaper

    Branden Averette

    This. He was exactly what you want from a backup PG. Don’t blame him a bit for pursuing more PT elsewhere. Glad he’s playing well. He always played hard here.
  14. Ptak'sNewspaper

    OSUvORU Tonight

    This board is freaking hilarious.
  15. Ptak'sNewspaper

    OSUvORU Tonight

    There's absolutely no doubt that he's pitched better so far this year.
  16. Ptak'sNewspaper

    OSUvORU Tonight

    I have to admit, after this game, I would be just fine with incorporating Campbell into a fireman/long relief/8th inning setup man role for Fridays and Sundays, similar to Vince Wheeland. After tonight, you can let Varela and/or Cheney take over as the midweek starter. If you could go...