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  1. MustangPokeFan

    Pre-Season Football

    Mason looking pretty good tonight as a back up. Of course Ben Roethlisberger looked really good but Mason looks pretty poised. Definitely not doing anything to hurt his case tonight…..
  2. MustangPokeFan

    FBI Chief gave $100K to Biden Grandkids to solicit work with Hunter Biden
  3. MustangPokeFan

    OU Football Players Suspect in Armed Robbery
  4. MustangPokeFan

    2021 NCAA Wrestling Championship: Megathread!

    Matches get started Thursday at 11am. All matches on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU. No pay channels like ESPN+ Go Pokes!
  5. MustangPokeFan

    Merry Christmas to all OP Members!

    It goes without saying the focus of Christmas should be Christ and the birth of our Savior who gave us life and the promise of Eternal Life. Second behind that is the American Soldier who has protected and preserved our American way of life. This captures it all in my opinion.... T'WAS THE...
  6. MustangPokeFan

    Bedlam Roster

    I know any responses to this question will be pure speculation but I would like to know if anyone has information or opinions on who out of our walking wounded might be available for Bedlam. What is our outlook on the O-Line? Are any of the guys that have gone out early in the season...
  7. MustangPokeFan

    OSU vs. KU

    No TV for this game? Nothing listed on Cox!
  8. MustangPokeFan


    I was so excited to watch Rickie Fowler today. He’s my favorite golfer and when he’s on, his game is second to none and a beautiful thing to watch. The things he can do with a golf ball are nothing short of amazing. He doesn’t need a swing coach, he needs a “head” coach. When he went to 12...
  9. MustangPokeFan

    Future Road Grater for our O-Line

    This kid is my former neighbor who played both ways for Choctaw HS as a Freshman last year. He's a great kid, the exact kind you want representing your school and will be an absolute nasty snow plow for our O-Line. He's a Gentle Giant off the field and an absolute animal on the field. In the...
  10. MustangPokeFan

    Playing KU twice (or NDSU)?

    No thank you..........I'll take my one game refund please!
  11. MustangPokeFan

    WorldWar II in HD on Netflix -OSU Connection

    Watching WorldWar II in HD on Netflix and Charles Scheffel, star basketball player for Henry Iba and Oklahoma A&M is featured prominently. They reference Oklahoma A&M every time they mention him. He ended up serving under Patton. He was a platoon commander and a definite American war hero...
  12. MustangPokeFan

    Destroyed by their Own Words! EPIC!

    OMG, Trump just slayed the media and every one of his rivals by using their own hypocritical two-faced politically expedient words against them. He didn’t have to say anything himself, just play videos of what they’re saying now contrasted with what they said back in January and February. They...
  13. MustangPokeFan

    New Democratic Ad for November 2020

    This one is on the money!
  14. MustangPokeFan

    Baylor vs. Kansas II

    The lobs to Azabuiki (sp?) for slams are absolutely killing Baylor. They have no answer for him.
  15. MustangPokeFan

    BTW.....Myles Garrett is a despicable lying human being!

    In my opinion, this guy should have been suspended for a minimum of a year for yanking off Rudolph's helmet and using it as a weapon to try to bash his head in. As revolting as that act was, it pales in comparison to lying about someone using the N-Word to deflect from your own bad decision. I...
  16. MustangPokeFan

    Kobe Bryant killed in Helicopter crash

    Kobe Bryant and four other people have been killed in a crash of Kobe‘s personal helicopter. Tragic event! Prayers for all the individuals and families involved!
  17. MustangPokeFan

    We still have a Wrestling Team BTW....

    Watched a damn good wrestling match today by our guys. Except for a last minute miracle comeback by the guy wrestling Wittcraft to eek out a 1 point win, it would have been a 39-0 score against a decent Northern Colorado squad. As it was, 36-3 ain’t a bad day at the office! Not a peep about it...
  18. MustangPokeFan

    Garrett officially out in Dallas, let the search begin!

    Let the rumors and innuendo begin!
  19. MustangPokeFan

    The REAL reason the Democrats wanted to impeach Trump

    Here’s a brief summary for those of you who care to know the REAL reason why the House of Representatives have conducted their sham impeachment of President Trump. Hunter Biden is former Vice-President Joe Biden’s son. He is 45 years old with a long history of drug abuse. Hunter Biden was...