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  1. OSUgradndad85

    RIP J.R. Dillard

    I don’t recall seeing another thread about this and just saw the public notice. Please merge if I missed it. Great man and player.
  2. OSUgradndad85

    Jake Ehlinger

    Really saddening.
  3. OSUgradndad85

    McKenzie Milton

    This guy will be successful no matter where he goes in life.
  4. OSUgradndad85


    Glad to see a big win for Marshall on this sad anniversary of the plane crash and all the lives taken, and glad to see they’re doing well this season.
  5. OSUgradndad85

    Favorite Uniform Combination

    I love me some throwback 80s all white, but overall I’d prefer to have the home game unis be the white helmet, orange OSU logo, orange jersey, and white pants. Black jerseys are growing on me a bit, but very slowly.