A Conservative Explains Trump’s Popularity Despite His Lack of Decorum, Dignity, and Statesmanship

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We don't need no, thot kuntrol
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Feb 16, 2011
dark sarcasm in the classroom
I’d go one better, there have been 2 republican candidates I didn’t feel were a lesser of 2 evils, Reagan & Dole, Reagan was simply an incredible orator and captivated the audience, democrats didn’t attack him often and when they did he turned it around on them to the point that they even laughed at how foolish he made them look.
The democrats took notice including the msm and they took the lowest of low roads when it came to Dole, the best non RP LP candidate of my lifetime and they went after him mercilessly, it was embarrassing and disgusting even many democrats said they were embarrassed at how they went after Dole and unfortunately it was only a prelude to the future.
Trump shocked the democrats by using their own playbook he wasn’t having any of that bs, they were caught off guard had no idea how to react and began and are still attacking each other, it’s been the most entertainment I’ve had in a long time.

Alinsky is rightfully rotting in hell but at least he’s rotting with the knowledge his rules work, regardless of which side of the aisle use them.
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