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Are you.... READY FOR FOOTBALL!!!!!...... Yet?


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How did you come up with that? Sure, we'll be better statistically since, IMO, we're going to run much more than we have the previous 2 seasons, which would keep our D off the field longer. But, other than that, with new guys having to step up on the D-line, I'm nowhere near as confident as you.
The fact that the coaches moved our best DT from last year to DE shows that they have a lot of confidence in the guys we have at DT. Nigel will be a beast a DE, since that is his natural position, and his strength was always speed at DT. We return all linebackers, 3 safeties(and add a freshman all-american), and both of our starting corner backs. Our D has the potential to be dominate, much like the ou game. Yeah Stanford tore us up, but a once in generation QB is likely to do that sometimes, plus our D is built to stop the spread, which we will see much more in conference. The fact that our coaches talk about how good our D will be, is much different from years past.


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Wait I though the SOX catcher and 1st baseman were Salty and Adrian Gonzalez? I admit I'm not much of a Salty fan, but I don't know these Paulie and AJ you talk of?
I'm talking about the real Sox the first Sox in 1900. The red kind wasn't until 1901 :cool:


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Maybe you should care because football is a dynamic, exciting (not to mention the most popular) team sport in the country that OSU happens to excel at and baseball is a boring snooze-fest that mainly involves a lot of standing around and with so many games played that no individual contest makes any difference. That is all......:)