Bama Rules!!!

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Mar 30, 2005
The reason the number of plays defended matters is everyone says OSU ranks 107th in total defense, which is total yards. If you look ST averages per play, OSU is in the 30-60 range in most categories. And if I remember correctly, we were near the top in pass efficiency defense.

SEC Rules

Jan 6, 2012
So when your team gets drilled tonight you gonna be back to talk some more tomorrow?
We sure got drilled last night! I'm here, where are you? Sitting in the dark, shaking in your shoes at the thought of what would've happened to OSU last night if they had played Alabama.


Territorial Marshal
Aug 28, 2006
Thought that would get your attention. Yes, I'm an Alabama fan infiltrating your Cowboys haven. Why you ask...cuz I'm sick of the signs and all the whining that you should be in the BCS championship instead of Bama. And I'm hoping someone can answer the burning question....WHY??? What is the arguement? Or did you just want a handout from the BCS? All I can say, is that if Bama lost to the 6-7 Cyclones the final game of the season, I'd keep my f*cking mouth shut. This isn't a chrity organization, it's college football! I think dropping only from 2 to 4 after losing to an unranked, subpar team, you'd be elated. OSU should've dropped to like 8. Bama lost to the #1 team by a FG in OT. They missed 4 FGs in that game and LSU didn't miss any. Now, you tell far do they deserve to drop if your beloved Cowboys only fell 2 spots. Bama went on to crush every team after LSU, as they did prior to. They've beaten every other team by at least 16pts and that was to a ranked Penn St team on the road (before the mess hit Happy Valley). Bama's defense is the best in the country...scoring offense is ranked 16. OkSt has the #2 ranked scoring offense...but where is that title hungry defense? Oh there they are...way down there at 107!!! That's putrid! OkSt also squeaked out a 1pt win over A&M who isn't even ranked now. Both LSU and Bama have completely dominated every game other than when they played each other. Both had a top 4 Heisman finalist and they are the best two teams in the country, and I think it's hard to argue that. I don't hate OkSt. I'm a huge college fb fan in general and think it's awesome what Gundy-who I love-is doing out there. But people, c'mon, you were ranked #2 then lost...the last game of the season, mind a .500, unranked team. In what world do you deserve a title shot??? If anything, Stanford, who, at the time, had only lost to a very good, top ranked Oregon team, had more of a case to bitch. BTW, congrats on Beating a good Cardinal team...and on a great season in general. That said, you've been lawyered.

I guess I've been "lawyered" in a kangaroo court...