Cowboys (6-2) Drops game against Wichita State Shockers. Next Up Big 12/Big East Challenge against Xavier on SUNDAY

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Sep 9, 2005
Mustang, Ok
It’s frustrating and really kind of sad that this is the most athletic talented roster that we’ve maybe ever had, defensively solid and has everything you would want except a legitimate 3 pt shooter. This team is just one Keaton Page, Phil Forte or Randy Rutherford away from being elite. But we won’t beat the good teams with the long range bricklayers we’ve got right now. Honestly our best chances of beating good teams is just to abandon the three and take the ball to the basket and shoot high percentage short range jumpers. Shooting threes with this team and missing 80-90% of them will do nothing but lose games for us!
Dec 9, 2013
Said it every game thread so far. Cisse Cisucks.
He’s only here for one year. I think bringing him in hurt us way more than helped us. Kalib is better and Smith would get more minutes and give you more toughness.

Im sitting here watching Cisse warm up and he’s just half heartedly throwing it up.

Same thing for Williams coming back. Don’t know those minutes wouldn’t be better spread among Walker, Kelin and Thompson.