Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

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Jun 18, 2010
Where else but Stillwater
Redistribution of wealth is taxing the rich and giving to the poor in whatever manner you want to call it, but welfare or entitlement are the prime examples.
Taxes that are spent to provide emergency services is NOT a redistribution of wealth. If that were the case, rich people would still pay their taxes which support the fire department, but the department would only respond to events involving poor people.

Just how long are you going to run with this? You are clearly out on your own island with this absurd premise.
Redistribution of wealth isn't about the taxing only the rich. It is whoever can be taxed, so the proceeds can be redistributed by the government to pay for its various services. Add up all the revenue and the majority comes from the rich. That isn't hard to comprehend. Why waste time trying to make it more needlessly complex or more qualifying? Who's rich? It doesn't matter. Everybody pays taxes out of what wealth and income they have as well as what spending they do.