VOTE! Election thread

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What will be the results of todays vote?

  • Trump wins big

    Votes: 11 14.1%
  • Trump wins small

    Votes: 12 15.4%
  • No decision by tomorrow morning

    Votes: 29 37.2%
  • Biden wins small

    Votes: 17 21.8%
  • Biden wins big

    Votes: 9 11.5%

  • Total voters
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Oct 16, 2003
I wonder if he knows everyone is laughing at him because he only paid what the owed in taxes?
What a maroon! I mean Imagine only paying what you owe in taxes!! Dude probably only pays the agreed upon price for a new car instead of 50% more like smart people. Or probably only pays contract for a house and not double like real men do!!!


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Aug 11, 2011
I support Trump because I think he is best for the country. Given the choices we have.

What was Trump convicted of? Who was convicted of laundering overseas kickbacks?

I never called Biden a pedophile, he is creepy though.

I don't like coastal elites who want to impose their coastal/urban beliefs on other regions of the country they have little to no understanding of. Obama, and Biden has said he will go there again as well has Harris, writing rules and regulations on agriculture that cause increased cost, inefficiencies, and socialist control of agriculture. Trump has reversed much of that.

Never said I particularly liked Trump as a person. I'm not a lackey.

I didn't scream about a deficit under Obama, it was going to grow regardless who was elected. What I did scream about is when he called other people un-American when the deficit went up and then claimed to uphold Amercan values when it doubled under his administration. Hypocrite.

You won't find where I've ever screamed about immigrants. In fact I've pointed out that Trump married an immigrant and his mother was an immigrant. Trump isn't anti immigrant either. But like me he is against ILLEGAL immigration. I'm not sure what is so difficult to understand about ILLEGAL.

In fact Biden, Obama, Clinton also railed against illegal immigration in the past. But they've conflated the terms to the point that people seem to think there is no such thing as illegal immigration.

I'm not sure how old you are, but I do recall right after 9/11 the Democrats in Washington were blaming Bush asking how these people got into the United States......

But, politicians seem to do a real good job of confusing the issue for many people who can't seem to understand the difference between legal and illegal.

Depends on the reasoning for the bailouts and how they are applied.

If they are for poor management the money is better off going somewhere else rather than back into a failed enterprise.

I've said many times on OP and elsewhere that most everyone is a good person and wants the best for people and the country. We just have very different opinions on how best to achieve those goals.

I do believe though that people who don't have the best interest of others or the country at heart, but do have their own self interest, seek out positions of power that can put them above the law.
That doesn't give me much confidence in most politicians.

I've told people it's fine to have differences of opinion, just be able to back it up with some facts.
you don't think Trump fits in this category?
Honestly if Trump decides he wants to become a career politician then I'll consider him one of these people. Biden is proud of the fact and touts it all the time that he's never cashed a paycheck in his life. And it shows by the way he treats the American taxpayer.

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Aug 11, 2011
I look forward to the day we’re not voting for the lesser of the two evils.
Because man is a sinful being and Jesus was the only man to ever walk this earth who was perfect, it will always be the lesser of two evils as far as I'm concerned. And if you get a third party that's running that has a chance or even a fourth party, then it will be the lesser of three or four evils.

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Aug 11, 2011
If his tax avoidance is legal then that shows the flaws of our system, not his flaws.

The $141,000,000 the taxpayer has paid to his golf resorts so he can golf while "giving up" his salary is a bigger flaw.

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Am i the only one curious what the hell a military golf course is?
I'm behind enough that people have probably already answered this, but there are many bases, Army and Air Force that actually have golf courses. Usually they have two, one for enlisted men and one for officers. Sometimes they only have an officer's course. Ft Sill in Lawton has a golf course and there's one in Oklahoma City when you are going down I-35 between i-44 and I-40 and I think those are the only two in Oklahoma I couldn't guarantee that though..

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Mar 31, 2004
oklahoma city
You are amusing.
First, I just pointed out the fact that the statement was incorrect. It is you and toker that are clearly sensitive about it as you would have dismissed the comment otherwise. Instead, you have beat it into the ground. It is a sore spot for the left and your "nobody cares" argument is disingenuous and you know it.

"Other than the people that want to change the EC"? Are you delusional? To begin with, changing the EC was part of the platform for roughly half of the prior Democratic candidates, is repeated frequently by Pelosi, and is making the press as recently as last weekend with Schiff. Phrasing it the way toker used it, as is a common left comment not just here but on the national scene, is a false statement used to validate what many believe to be a stolen election. Hyperbole? Get serious. This is exactly the type of incorrect statements that get disseminated ad nauseum which influence the ignorant, yet it is hyperbole? Your argument about it being inconsequential is so weak, you even question the length of my replies....but you are the one who will not let it go.
Well, I will agree with you that his post definitely influenced the ignorant.
May 31, 2007
Edmond, OK
Honestly I don't think they need this to get by now. somebody just has to remove his medication and let him go downhill quickly and then they just trot in the 25th amendment and he's gone.

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I think that was definitely plan “A”. But that has the potential to be very ugly and divisive. Not to mention that even if Biden wins, this scandal doesn’t go away. In fact it probably worsens and you know the Senate R’s are never letting this go. Forcing Joe to resign makes the scandal die abs gets Harris in there. Two birds with one stone. But your approach is certainly very much in the cards.
Feb 7, 2007
Was it a present?
Was it a salary?
Was it an office?
Was it a title?
Was it employment?
Again you asked if is a salary because that is part of the definition of emolument. So is fee and profit.

He clearly has made a fee and profit from foreign entities while being in office. AKA directly against what the founders feared. Possible foreign influence. Name me any other president that was in office profiting off of money purposely being spent at his businesses while in office? Or a President who funneled patrons to his business overseas?

They also employed his services. He also operates businesses overseas that I am pretty sure pay him or his daughter/SIL a salary (AKA people under him in offices of Trust). He is definitely the president and CEO of foreign LLCs. Which could be a foreign state giving him a title. He also allegedly had $15m show up in a Chinese bank account while he was in office and immediately withdrew it.

He is literally filing income tax returns in foreign countries. So yes he is getting an income and salary/profit in a foreign states.

Here are some of Trump's titles in Ireland. Part of the UK that we fought a war to go independent from and literally what the founding fathers were thinking of when they wrote the constitution.
  • TIGL Ireland Enterprises Ltd., director, president
  • TIGL Ireland Management Ltd., president, director
  • TW Venture II Managing Member Corp., president, director, chairman
Does this fit Trump? Who just recently said he would leave the country if Biden won.

The Founders believed that, as a temporary officeholder, the President “might receive a bribe which would enable him to live in greater splendor in another country than his own; and when out of office, he [would be] no more interested in the prosperity of his country than any other patriotic citizen.”
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