Gary Ward to Head OSU's Homerun Club

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OP 9000

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Oct 13, 2003
Stillwater, OK
Gary Ward to Head OSU's Homerun Club

By OSU Media Relations
Date: Aug 11, 2004

Gary Ward, who led the Cowboys to the College World Series 10 times during his tenure (1978-96), is returning to Stillwater to rebuild the baseball booster club and raise funds for improving Allie P. Reynolds Stadium and the baseball facilities.

STILLWATER, Okla. (OSU Athletics ) — Gary Ward, the architect of 16 straight Big Eight Conference championships spanning three decades, has agreed to head Oklahoma State University's Homerun Club as well as assist with fundraising efforts to improve Allie P. Reynolds Stadium.

Athletics Director Harry Birdwell made the announcement Wednesday afternoon and said he was delighted to have the winner of 953 career games once again associated with Oklahoma State University.

"It's a great day to be able to announce that one of our legends is going to help us rebuild the booster organization and also help generate private dollars for improving our baseball facilities," Birdwell said.

Ward was Oklahoma State's head baseball coach from 1978 through 1996 and guided the Cowboys to an unprecedented 16 straight conference titles, 17 NCAA regional appearances and 10 trips to the College World Series. Seven of OSU's World Series appearances were in consecutive years, an NCAA record.

Current OSU head baseball coach Frank Anderson said he was pleased that the former Cowboy coach was willing to get involved. "Since I've been at OSU, Coach Ward and I have developed a great relationship. He has a great passion for this school and I'm delighted to have him closely realigned with the baseball program."

Ward said his new role would be a labor of love in a couple of ways.

"I have a tremendous obligation to Allie Reynolds and his family because of the momentum the construction of that stadium provided early in my tenure," Ward said.

"It will also be a labor of love for all the young men who wore the uniform in the 20 years I was here and I see a need to upgrade the present facilities to a standard similar to what we enjoyed in the early years of the existing stadium."
Feb 4, 2004
This is great news. Ward has been VERY good at raising funds, and baseball like other smaller revenue sports, has a tough time getting money for improvements, etc. Also, I know a lot of fans who will give money just because Ward is the one asking for it. While once a gem, Allie P., has fallen to be one of the worst facitlites in the Big 12 and that just should not be the case. For a program that has had as much success as OSU baseball, we need to uprgrade the stadium to the level at least of our competition and hopefully even better.
Jul 1, 2004
I will kindly disagree

I don't think Allie P. is one of the worst in the Big 12, while there has not been a complete overall or brand new facility built, it has done well for it's age.

Now that beeing said, it needs bigger and better locker room facilities, restrooms and concesions and I would like to see it bricked on the outside in the way that bricktown is done or to mimick what we have done with the football stadium and GI arena.

On the note of Gary Ward being back with the program and helping with fund raising so Frank can do the job on the field, man some one pinch me and tell me this is not a dream I am waking from! What with wrestling, basketball, golf and the imporvement of football...this is what heaven should be like... :D
Feb 4, 2004
I rank it behind texas, A@m, Nebraska, Baylor, even though it is bigger, than some other north teams have new facilities like Ku, ksu, and and MU has upgraded as well. Like I said, Allie P was once a great stadium but now is average at best and needs major improvements to be as good as baylor and NU which are definately the 2 best in the conference
Jul 8, 2004
Beaverton, OR

Gary Ward raising funds is a GREAT thing for the program. Where do I send my $$$$

Somewhere in the distance, the GAP BAND is cranking up....."you dropped a bomb......"

So many good memories in Allie P. I am so ready for the resurgence in Cowboy Baseball!!!

Go Pokes.
Oct 16, 2003
This makes the Hollidays look even MORE foolish in their disdain for the greatest university in the country. I had been wondering how MR OSU BASEBALL felt about the firing of the man he named as his replacement. I guess that question has been answered.

Feb 4, 2004
Edmond / Deer Creek
Go Gary GO!!!!

Can you imagine: The year is 2010, Allie P. Reynolds is renovated. Boone Pickens is done, the Pokes have made 6 consecutive Final Fours, 6 consecutive Wresting Nat'l Championships, 8 consecutive bowl appearances, and 5 consecutive College World Series. Go Pokes!!!!


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Oct 26, 2003
Carl Junction, MO
If OSU has that kind of success going to 2010, that will be insane. Something tells me my entire closet will be orange by then (it is about 1/5th orange right now).

David Harrell - Pokes