IPF Pics - 6/28/12

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Sep 21, 2008
Is typical CowboyLance's BS or is there any truth to it (he posted it on raiderpower.com)?

cowboylance wrote:
That was info over a year old, OSU changed the design of the IPF. The 92,000 - 94,000 sqft . was not wide enough for a full size Soccer Pitch. The design that was settled on is the 112,500 sq ft I was talking about and the total cost for the entire training complex ( the IPF and the three outdoor fields) ended up being $36 million thats info from today from the Head Athletic facilities manager at OSU .
May 17, 2007
Lake Charles, LA
If the $36M figure is true, I wanna see what all improvements they are making over the revised designs.
Keep in mind that most of the estimates floating around are for either the outdoor fields or the IPF separately. I believe the $36M number discussed is for the whole practice facility combined. In other words, I don't think there have been major revisions since the "Taj Mahal" version was scrapped and the leaner version was decided on.