KSBI-TV/DT To Air Insight Bowl

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Dec 17, 2006
KSBI-TV/DT To Air Insight Bowl

Friday, December 14, 2007 11:27 a.m. (CDT)

KSBI-TV/DT To Air Insight Bowl New Year’s Eve 2007 Oklahoma’s own KSBI-TV 52 has been selected by the NFL Network to receive the local broadcast rights to the 2007 Insight Bowl featuring the Oklahoma State University Cowboys and University of Indiana Hoosiers on December 31, 2007 at 5:00 PM (central).

According to the NFL Network, the Insight Bowl will be available through their network to 43 million homes via satellite and cable. As many cable and satellite subscribers aren’t offered the NFL Network on their basic lineup, the NFL Network has chosen a local broadcast affiliate in the Oklahoma City market to broadcast the Bowl game for those viewers unable to see the NFL Network telecast.

"We have been working with the NFL Network for quite a few days now to assure that as many Oklahoman’s as possible would be able to see the Bowl game," said Brady Brus, KSBI-TV President and General Manager. "We presented our bid which included, among other things, our unmatched coverage area, promotional plans, pregame and post game plans, our current position in the market with high school sports post season exclusivity, and NCAA programming. I was told that a variety of these factors played a role in their choosing KSBI-TV/DT as their local Oklahoma broadcast partner. We are very excited to be the partner the NFL Network chose to broadcast the game to our Oklahoma viewers. I do think, however, this is another good reason folks need to be requesting the NFL Network from those cable companies who don’t readily offer it."

Seth Palansky, Communications Director with NFL Network stated, " We are very pleased with the way KSBI-TV stepped up to the plate and was so diligent to provide the game to as many viewers as possible. KSBI-TV’s position in the market and solid offer gives us great confidence in the decision we made."

KSBI-TV will be producing a LIVE pregame and post game show featuring Mike Steely, Paul Blair, Casey Kendrick, and Bob Cortese. Pregame will begin at 4:30 pm and post game immediately following the Insight Bowl.

KSBI-TV is available across a large part of Oklahoma and reaches out of market cities such as Muskogee, Lawton, Ada, and Ardmore. KSBI-TV is available over the air, on cable outlets across Oklahoma, as well as Dish Network, and DIREC TV.