Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

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Jan 3, 2014
Cool that these guys are getting a diploma and don't have to worry about student loans and the coaches make a Very comfortable salary!
Aug 30, 2011
Now the defense has returned to form. This could get ugly.

21 points is probably enough w/o a major change on our offense.
Oct 29, 2016
I am not against Corndog, but I still do not see why Gundy will not play Sanders, this is a free opportunity to get him some real life snaps going into the off season. It is just mind blowing.
I don't get why people on this site perpetually call for Sanders to play. It's not going to happen, and rightfully should not happen. Sanders is not physically ready to play collegiate football. For Pete's sake, he suffered an ACL injury his senior season (aka one-year ago). A coach would have to be an utter buffoon to throw a true freshman into the lineup, against big boy men, especially only one-year removed from a very serious injury.

of course, people are going to crap on my post, cuz most who visit team pages like this one are your more hardcore fans. Very rarely do people exhibit logical thinking, specifically from hardcore fans. Come on, people..this season is rough, but it's time to end the Sanders debate. I mean, seriously.