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An OP Original OSU Wrestling-101

Discussion in 'Original Content' started by Seth25809er, Oct 19, 2016.

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    Since it's preseason I'm starting off with sort of a brief overview of OSU wrestling to hopefully sort of help out people that aren't especially avid followers in learning a bit more about the program and sport. I will move into some other stuff as I go. Writing like this is not really in my wheelhouse so I appreciate any feedback, questions, ideas, etc... anyone may have on this as I go. Hope you enjoy it.

    It’s no secret that OSU historically is the program of programs in the sport of wrestling. Some people say OSU is to wrestling what the New York Yankees are to baseball. I would argue that the Yankees wish they were to baseball what OSU is to wrestling.

    OSU has won 34 NCAA titles had 133 individual champs and 422 all American’s. Those are insane #’s by any standard. It’s just amazing what all this program has done.

    They’ve also obviously done well at the 2 next levels of the sport, the Olympics and the UFC. 52 Olympians and 10 gold medalists over a long history of Olympic wrestling, but they’ve also become essentially what Kentucky is to basketball in the world of MMA. Don Frye and Randy Couture are UFC hall of famers and literally legends in the sport of MMA. The current light HWT champ is Daniel Cormier and former welterweight champ is Johny Hendricks. Add to that a # of other guys that have had very good careers in the sport and made big names for themselves in the process.

    Currently OSU comes off a NCAA runner up finish and sits as the preseason favorite to win the NCAA team title, but still faces one area that it’s losing in that the wrestlers and overall program can’t do much to change and that’s fan attendance. Most are familiar with the arms race we all see in college football with facilities, money, etc… that help to win football games, but in wrestling there’s also one. Numerous factors come into play in the wrestling arms race, but the main one that anyone reading this can have an impact in is attendance and fan support. Currently the Big 10 is the top dog in that category and even though I’m sure basically all OSU alumni and fans are very supportive of this great program they simply don’t attend as well as they do in the Big 10. Recruits in the Big 10 know they’ll get a # of matches on TV and they’ll be wrestling in pretty full arenas for the most part. OSU wrestling needs people in the stands. They also need people watching when they get on TV to increase the ratings for the sport and likelihood of better promotion locally.

    Most fans of the sport argue that the main reason that people have a hard time getting into or following wrestling is they simply don’t understand it. It’s fair for a person to not really enjoy something they don’t know much about, so OSU came out with these video’s a while back to sort of remedy that issue.



    All that said. I encourage anyone that isn’t familiar with or doesn’t follow the sport to possibly watch these video’s to kind of gain an understanding of how the sport works. If you just learn the basics, then you should have enough of an understanding to at least know what’s going on. Then you may want to try and follow some of the threads, watch a few matches, etc… and all of this will help build your knowledge on it and eventually allow you to truly enjoy this really special program OSU has.

    In doing that you really can be a significant part of helping OSU keep up the tradition and in the arms race they currently have with schools like Iowa, PSU, and tOSU and really have a blast following the program.

    I’ll be putting out a season preview, schedule analysis and few other things as we get closer to the start of the season. Hope you all enjoy it.
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