ou/Texas outcome?

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Jul 9, 2016
Lawton, OK
A couple of things we need to place to best evaluate this intriguing question. First. Let’s assume that Iowa State defeats Texas Tech this weekend. By doing so, Iowa State will be ranked #18 or so, coming into the game (next week they have a bye).

Next, let’s assume that OSU defeats Baylor and #18 Iowa State. By doing so, OSU will be ranked #9 as a 5-0 team going to Texas.
With that said. Let’s look at the scenarios.

Scenario 1: #22 Texas beats OU and then beats Baylor. By doing this, Texas will ranked #11 or #12 and the match up will be:
#9 OSU (5-0) vs #12 Texas (4-1). After that, we’ll be playing KSU and then an unranked OU.

Scenario 2: #22 Texas LOSES to OU. That means Texas is no longer a marquee matchup. Sooners have 3 games before us: TCU, Tech, and KU. If OU wins Texas and the 3 games after that and assuming that OSH wins our games (KSU after Texas) The matchup will be:

#6 OSU (6-0) vs #12 OU (4-2).

After OU we play Tech and then finish the year off with TCU.

If the Gooners lose to Texas then Texas will be our last ranked team we play. There’s a slight chance that OU could lose and somehow be ranked (maybe #20 at the highest) when Bedlam arrives.

If Texas loses, then Texas will NOT be ranked on Halloween when OSU and Texas plays. The next only ranked game we’ll play is OU.

With all of that said....Texas must win.


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Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Times like this I wish ties were still possible in college football. Texas losing probably increases our chance of making the conference title game, but ou losing definitely increases our chance of winning it. Gundy has a mental block against ou.....don't want to play them twice.

All that being said, one of them will lose and I'll be tuning in to enjoy it, no matter who it is.
Nov 6, 2010
The only reason I'd ever root for OU against anyone is if it guaranteed us a championship, and I'd still need a vomit bag handy. Frankly I'm disappointed this is being discussed on an OSU message board.

Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO
We'll do our annual trip to the Wheel Bar in Estes Park, where I get to sit back, sip a beer, & watch the OU & Texas fans interact. Last year, there was a short little Texas fan that would run around the bar every damn time they made a play & yell 'That's Huge!' I hope he's back this year.:D

Anyhoo, I want OU to lose for a lot of the reasons already stated. It'd be really nice to see them sitting at 1-3.
Sep 12, 2013
Broken Arrow, OK
The melt downs on their fan boards are huge right now. The whorns want to fire Herman (what's new) and hire Meyer. The goons are claiming Riley is soft and there is a locker room problem.

Whichever one loses, the boards are going full atomic meltdown! We're talking torches and pitchforks.

I think it serves us best if Texas wins. If that happens we should have 3 consecutive weeks of ranked opponents, after Rapelor.
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Apr 12, 2020
It’s about more than just OU losing, which is always easy to root for. But I’m excited to see the resolves of those frontrunning 4&5 stars, who didn’t sign up to lose, and a coach who’s never had to deal with losing go through it. Honestly, I think there’s a pretty decent chance the team gives up on them... and then Ls will really start racking up. What the only thing worse than losing to Texas, losing to TCU to go 0-4 in conference play after a bye.

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Jul 13, 2004
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Frankly I'm disappointed this is being discussed on an OSU message board.
Agreed. But at least everyone here is coming to the right conclusion. I will say that there may be times when OU winning will help us a bit in a particular season, but as you said unless it guarantees us something meaningful, I think the long term implications of them falling down a peg are more important than, say, OSU finishing 3rd in the Big XII instead of 4th.


Feb 13, 2014
as a k-state fan, i'm rooting for ou because it gives emaw a full two-game spread on both plus the head2head on ou. texas visits manhattan the last game of the year, burrr.

i can't stand either particularly since bobby stopped coaching at norman. herman is a complete azzhat. but riley sees himself as the brightest bulb on the tree. so there's not much separation on that front.
Oct 16, 2003
Edmond, OK
- I like our chances better at home to beat Texas than on the road to beat OU.
- I also like our chances better to beat Texas in the Big-12 Championship in December.

For that reason, I'd rather OU lose and be totally out of the mix. I guess I'll be more excited to see a Texas win Saturday than an OU win.

I also think for our national image, we need to beat either OU or Texas in the Conference Championship game. I think we would be respected less by beating a KSU/ISU/TCU (not that I agree with that, but that is what I think is the case). Since OU is unranked with two losses, I would rather see Texas win out (except in Stillwater) and be our Title Game opponent and as highly ranked as possible at year-end.

And frankly, I would say I like Texas to win Saturday. I think both defenses stink and Texas has shown the ability to score a little better than has OU this season.
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Nov 18, 2010
OU losing games will benefit OSU this year AND next year, because it impacts recruiting.

OU losing a lot also impacts my ability to listen to local sports radio.
Sep 12, 2018
One of my friends is a big OU fan and it took him until late Tuesday or early Wednesday to start posting his "hate Texas week" stuff on Facebook. Even then he prefaced with "I know we are 0-2 and things don't look good" before he started posting his Texas Sucks memes. So a lot of their fan base is already disillusioned.