PFB - 2020 Tight End Quinton Stewart Commits to Oklahoma State

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Make it a full dozen commitments for OSU in 2020.

The class grew from 11 to 12 on Tuesday when tight end prospect Quinton Stewart, a 6-foot-4 prospect from Salina, Kansas, verbally pledged to OSU over Iowa State, Kansas State and Kansas.

Super grateful to be able to announce that I have committed to Oklahoma State University. Very thankful to be able to further my athletic and academic career there. Special thanks to @JasonMcEndoo for helping me make Stillwater home.

— Quinton Stewart (@quintonstew19) June 18, 2019

Stewart picked up an offer from OSU in late April, shortly after OSU missed on another long-time tight end target. From there, OSU put on the full-court press by coaxing him into visiting and, finally, committing.

Stewart generated interest as both a tight end and defensive end in recent months, and starred at a regional camp last month. Ultimately OSU, who saw him as a tight end, won out over in-state Kansas State and others who viewed him as a defensive end.

When talking about performances that were completely different than we expected, Kansas native Quinton Stewart deserves comment. We evaluated and rated Stewart as a strongside defensive end, but he came to St. Louis and worked out at tight end, where he put together an outstanding performance. Stewart has the muscled-up frame that often affects agility, but there was no stiffness in his play. He popped easily in and out of his breaks and showed a natural pair of hands. Kansas and Oklahoma State have offered Stewart at tight end, but others, like Kansas State, are still evaluating him as a defensive end. [Rivals]

Stewart is the first tight end in the 2020 class to commit to OSU and likely the only. He is currently unranked by 247Sports but rated by rivals as a three-star recruit and the No. 4 prospect in the state.

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