PFB - Daily Bullets (June 22): Pokes at Eight and a Half Wins? Take the Over

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

Betting numbers have the Pokes at eight and a half wins this fall – CBS Sports is saying to “take the over”

• Mike Gundy pointed out that Big 12 point totals could rise in 2022

• So many excellent nuggets from Gundy in the interview with Hunziker – this one on what OSU has to do to sustain success comparatively was great:

There’s certain schools that are going to have the depth of quality players that could potentially play in the NFL. If they can keep things running, they can consistently reach double digit wins. Then there’s schools that don’t have that two deep of potential NFL players, that fight to be consistent, like we do at Oklahoma State. Have a culture, do everything right. . . getting started and then sustaining a high level are the two most difficult things.”


• Rumors swirling that OSU edge rusher Billy Walton isn’t solid to Oklahoma State, visiting UT this weekend

• Cowgirl Equestrian head coach Larry Sanchez received a five-year extension

Cowboy Riley Taylor is playing well in the Appalachian League:

Jackson Feltner (@jacksonfeltner) & Riley Taylor (@Rdawg2812) Earn #AppyLeague Weekly Honors


— Appalachian League (@AppyLeague) June 20, 2022

• Pretty cool – seeing who the Stillwater Regional will be hosting:

The Stillwater Regional Is Set
#WeAreCollegeTennis | #ITAKickoff

— ITA (@ITA_Tennis) June 16, 2022
Non-OSU Bullets

• Never heard a truer depiction of the joy and exhaustion of a family trip than this
• With the NBA Draft tomorrow, here’s a great profile on Chet Holmgren, often mocked to OKC
• Solutions for a fragmented faith (faith-based)

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