PFB - Social Reaction to Cade’s Career Game, Bedlam OT Thriller

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Feb 17, 2018
OSU Twitter went ablaze as the Cowboys bested No. 7 Oklahoma in thrilling fashion on Saturday, while the rest of Twitter — including fans of about half of the NBA’s teams — salivated over Cade Cunningham during his career day.

Let’s look at some of the best to come across my timeline during and after Round 1 of Bedlam, starting with a well-earned dig from a OKC native Rondel Walker.

You absolutely love to see it.

Lil bro’s

— 5. (@RondelWalker) February 27, 2021

If there were any holdouts from the “Cade is No.1” camp, they’ve all jumped on the bus. That game was, special.

Cade Cunningham is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

— Doug Gottlieb (@GottliebShow) February 27, 2021

Cade Cunningham is made for March. Oklahoma State over Oklahoma without Isaac Likekele. An incredible win for the Cowboys' program.

— Jon Rothstein (@JonRothstein) February 27, 2021

I've been around Bedlam for a long time and I don't know if I can remember a better Bedlam performance than the one we just saw from Cade Cunningham.

— Bryan Keating (@KOCOKeating) February 27, 2021

Cunningham with the 40 burger. Up there with the best individual Bedlam performances ever. Maybe the best.

— Curtis Fitzpatrick (@cfitzfox) February 27, 2021

For now on we only compare Cade Cunningham to Cade Cunningham.

— Dekota Gregory (@dekotagregory) February 27, 2021

Anytime you can be mentioned alongside Steve Novak you have made college basketball royalty.

— Eddie Radosevich (@Eddie_Rado) February 27, 2021

after much deep thought, my Cade Cunningham analysis:

— Jon Hamm (@JonMHamm) February 27, 2021

All this Cade to OKC talk is too much for me.

Can you imagine Cade Cunningham and SGA on the same team?

— Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter) February 27, 2021

I’m going to enjoy this a lot more when Cade Cunningham is doing this alongside Shea Gilgeous-Alexander.

— Eddie Radosevich (@Eddie_Rado) February 27, 2021

Thunder hired a new shooting coach today after watching Cade Cunningham go for 40 points and 11 rebounds vs OU:

— Brandon Rahbar (@BrandonRahbar) February 27, 2021

4⃣0⃣ points and 1⃣1⃣ rebounds from today's MVP @CadeCunningham_. #NewEra | #GoPokes

— OSU Cowboy Basketball (@OSUMBB) February 27, 2021

Speaking of firsts, this was also Mike Boynton’s first road W in Bedlam.

When asked if he had any closing thoughts in his postgame Zoom, Mike Boynton said:

"No, I gotta get out of Norman."

— Marshall Scott (@Marshall_Once) February 27, 2021

Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma and I gotta say: Mike Boynton hasnt gotten the credit he deserves this year. Whole team could've left in the summer. Instead, he keeps them together – theyre now 16-6, with four losses by three or less. You do NOT want to see the Pokes the next month

— Aaron Torres (@Aaron_Torres) February 27, 2021


— Thurman Thomas (@thurmanthomas) February 27, 2021

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