PFB - Teven Jenkins Becomes Last Bears’ Pick to Sign Rookie Deal

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Feb 17, 2018
Former OSU star and NFL rookie Teven Jenkins became the last of the Chicago Bears’ NFL draft picks to sign his rookie contract this week. Jenkins signed Wednesday to his four-year deal, projected to be worth more than $10 million over the life of the contract.

Jenkins was the 39th overall pick earlier this summer and Chicago’s second draft pick after the franchise selected QB Justin Fields in Round 1. Spotrac lists his estimated contract value to include $8.39 million in addition to a $3.46 million signing bonus. Talk about a nice graduation gift!

Our rookie class is complete. @TevenJenkins is officially official.

— Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) June 16, 2021

Jenkins was the 11th-highest ranked signee in OSU’s 2016 recruiting class. A three-star talent originally from Topeka, Kansas, he developed into a three-year starter at OSU and grew into a dominant 6-foot-6, 320-pound presence at tackle. He became the first OSU offensive lineman since Russell Okung in 2010 to be drafted.

“He just hasn’t scratched that surface yet,” Mike Gundy said of Jenkins in May. “I would not be surprised in two years if people are looking back and saying that he is potentially the best offensive line pick in this draft. And I say that because he has phenomenal athleticism, strength, he’s highly intelligent, and he’s just started to really get into football over the last 18 months.”

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