Pistol Pete's Partners?

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Feb 6, 2007
Not yet, but we just ordered them about a week and a half ago. I figure if it hasn't shown by Monday afternoon, I will call to check on when to expect them (along with our tickets to the Wash. St. game!!).
May 15, 2007
They seem to have my account in a real mess. Two of my grandkids moved out of state and wouldn't get to attend any of the Pistol Pete's Partners festivities, so decided not to renew their memberships. But I did want to renew 2 others. There is not an option to change the number of membership renewals on the website, so I called the ticket office. They told me to just sign the 2 that I wanted to renew up again like new members. Now my Ticketmaster account shows an outstanding balance of $100 and I have already paid for 2 memberships. Also, I was not aware that the PPP game tickets had to be RSVP'd for by Aug. 27th. They are not sending email updates like they did last year. Guess I will call on Monday and hopefully get it all straightened out. I did receive 3 PPP packets today, though. Go figure...
Feb 6, 2007
Still no packets. :(

Anyone have any contact info for them?
Looks like the OSU Marketing Office handles the program. The number I found is 405-744-3067. General information on Pistol Pete's Partners can be found here. Luckily, we did get our tickets today, but still no packets. Let me know what you find out if you call.
Sep 3, 2009
I got our 2 tickets for our kids last Thursday... Funny thing is we picked up our kids PPP package at the OSU v OU soccer game and last Friday they mailed us 2 additional ones. (not ticket, just the t-shirts) :D:D
Dec 9, 2004
I called the number lovemy3 posted and they told me they sent out a group of packets but were waiting on ID badges for the others.

They also arranged to get our tickets to the will call for the game Saturday.

The lady that helped me was very pleasant and willing to help. She told me if the badges come in before Saturday they will have a table set up at the game on the north side for us to pick up the packets.

You probably should call them if you are still waiting on tickets.