Police Officer Jobs

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Aug 13, 2005
I believe Oil field or these shale drilling and pipeline companies are hiring security types of people where you are stationed or rotation at 24/7. Some of the equipment used at these sites cost millions of dollars and some of it is leased. The engine that pump the high pressured salt water cost over a million dollars. Anyway, they are having problems with sabotage, stealing etc.... by employees and by outside folks. A staff member where I work..Corrections Setting left his Detention Officer job to do security on some pipeline. These pipelines are government regulated and he has a job for the next five years while they are building some pipeline up in Oklahoma.

Here in Texas it is almost impossible to get on with major Police Departments. If you are bilingual it improves your chances.

I would check with Devon or Chesapeake as they are hiring security folks. Also, Airlines Security seems to be expanding...one of my neighbors has been doing this since 911 and I believe they pay much better than police jobs.