Random Bedlam Memories

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Jul 22, 2014
My 9th birthday party at Playhouse for Kidz conflicted with the 2nd half of the 1995 Bedlam game. I kept asking my parents if I could go out the car to turn on the radio to check on the score. That was the first Bedlam victory in my lifetime and I was so excited.
Feb 26, 2005
First and the last time that I witnessed a game in Memorial Stadium. Riding to the game in a van with a few ou folks I knew who said they wanted to treat me to some REAL football. Seats were great! 40 yard line little less than half way up. That game, Rashawn Woods caught the one in the corner of the end zone for the win. You could hear a pin drop in Norman on the way out of that dreary town.


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Dec 17, 2009
1976 - Family went to Branson with my Aunt's family - Toured the cave. When we went into the cave OSU was behind. When we came out of the cave OSU had won the game. Too bad radio waves don't penetrate into a cave.

1985 - Ice Bowl - Mom and step dad decided to stay home and watch the game by the fireplace on our "big screen" (seems small now). Girlfriend (now wife) and I went to the game. We prepared, dress warm, sat in sleeping bags, and it really wasn't too bad until the 4th quarter. Got back to the car (76 grand prix). Driver's side door frozen shut. Passenger side frozen worse. Got into the driver's side but the door wouldn't stay closed. Looped a blanket through the pull handle of the door and drove home.

1992 - Ending in a tie after ou chose to kick a field goal on 4th down instead of going for the win. That tie kept them from being bowl eligible that year.

1995 - Went to the game in Norman with our church's youth group - led by an intern youth minister. After the sooners lost the intern youth minister didn't allow any talking on the bus ride home as he was too upset. He didn't get hired as the full time youth minister as I was the chairman of the search committee and thought he wasn't "grown up" enough to handle a youth group.

2002 - After the home victory taking my son down on the field to celebrate and getting a small square of the turf from where the goal posts once was.

2011 - After the home victory watching my son and daughter go down to the field and celebrate.
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