Reserving a tailgating spot?

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Sep 2, 2008
Jenks, OK
I've noticed when we arrive in town on Saturday mornings, no matter how early, there are always lots of tent frames already set up and even some areas staked off with ribbon reserving tailgate areas. Does anyone know what the policy is on this or if there is no policy what general etiquette is on this? I'm wondering what is and isn't allowed and how early one can do this (like noon on Friday or Friday after Xpm?).

Thanks in advance for any info and advice!



Lives on Steak and Refried Beans
Nov 20, 2011
Oklahoma City
If it's your first time to setup early, I would advise going on Friday or hang back till 5:30 on Thursday evening.

WARNING: Spots are first come, first served, but Thursday is intense and it's usually the large, well established tailgates that setup that day at 5:00. They have probably been parked since 4:00 waiting. They have been in the same spot for years and are highly territorial alphas. They have a lot of time and money invested in this. There is usually an order of operations to get all the trailers and larger tents in place. Please don't get in the way. Everybody else already knows and respects each other. They will gang up on you if necessary. I've seen it happen. Don't pee on another dog's tree. Don't get between a mamma bear and her cub.

If you usually setup in the same spot on Saturday, your spot will be open on Thursday. If you are looking for a new spot, scout it out the game before. If you didn't do any scouting, show up on Thursday and ask someone what is usually open and they will be able to tell you and will probably help you setup your tent frame. I always seek out new people in my area on Thursday and offer to help them find a spot. One season I came up on Friday and setup in a new spot for every game. I've been in the same spot for 5 or 6 years now.

Do not setup your frame with the canopy on. Take it off after every game and setup the frame only. The canopy will fill with water and destroy your tent and frame, or your tent will blow away. You cannot have your tent frame or any other tailgating gear on the grass before 5:00. Someone in an orange golf cart will come get onto you and make you feel like a kindergartner.