Super Regionals

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Nov 14, 2010
I think OSU is the better team if both teams play to their maximum potential.

I think we have more weapons

Tech is more consistent but we are more explosive.

We looked mentally fatigued last weekend, but that was to be expected with the grind they've been in in the last month.

I think their batteries will be recharged this weekend and we'll see better focus at the plate.

Friday is the key

If we lose Friday with Elliott pitching I would wonder about our mentality moving forward.

Hopefully it's Elliott for 7 or 8, then Battenfield and that's all we need


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Sep 9, 2005
Mustang, Ok
We're going to need our "A" game for sure. Tech in my opinion is the better hitting team. They don't hit as many home runs but they strike out a heck of a lot less and they seem to be able to hit any pitcher, including Elliott the last time. We'll need flawless fielding and smart at bats by all our guys. Basically everyone needs to play like McCusker did Monday.

No aiding their pitchers by swinging wildly at high fast balls or other pitches out of the strike zone. Get walks when they don't throw strikes and get hits when they do. Seems like an obvious statement but it hasn't been put in practice by our guys on several occasions. The quality of our pitching the past two weeks gives me a lot of hope. We need a good fast start!