U.S. Soldier Murders 16 Civilians in Afghanistan

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Dec 30, 2006
You mean if some members of friendly forces accidentally burned the Bible.

It's good to see that you think we are enemies of Afghan civilians, though.
I don't think the Afgans considers us friendly (not anymore, at least)...do you?

And who cares the reasoning, how would Christians feel if the Bible was burned? or Jews the Torah?


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Dec 4, 2010
It's just a different type of place over there. For whatever reason whether it be their religion, culture, or just the situations they are in - they think differently.

This US soldier definitely had something going on in his life that triggered this. Something is not right with this man. It is sad 16 civilians died but this is 1 man's decision.

There will be obvious ramifications about how Afghan civlians view the US military but there are much more soldiers who are over there helping these people day in and day out. Good things occur over there because of the military - don't let media totally fool us.

Now, I'm not saying we SHOULD be over there with our military but most US soldiers are not war mongering killers. It would be very easy for us to be war mongerers but we choose not to. If a little movement like Nazi Germany almost took over Europe and eventually the world ....just imagine what the US "could" do if we really wanted to. We are not a war mongerering nation. Are we a peaceful nation? No....but we are far from what some media outlets make us out to be with their daily reports of negative news.

Where is the video of my friends who are over there handing out supplies/food, helping defend the helpless, and protect children? I've heard stories first hand like these but I've never heard them on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or any news station for that matter
Mar 23, 2012
How many other U.S.soldiers will lose their life because of this? Despicable.
These stupid zipper heads are all the same. They have their children being raised to be the same as them. I was in a museum about this war and they had drawings that children made up from sand land, they were of them shooting people and killing them. They are mostly all the same. This war is pointless and is gonna cause something that in the end were gonna get screwed.


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Mar 22, 2012
I think it's hilarious that liberals honestly believe conservatives (because we're only talking about the conservative Christians here, the "bad" ones, the liberal Christians are good peeps) would be likely to fly into a murderous rage over the destruction of a Bible - so likely, in fact, that they pose the question broadly and with a straight face.

Oh, wait, not hilarious, I meant it's terrifying, depressing and mind-boggling.